Destroying the Use of Progressive Statistics

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Destroying the Use of Progressive Statistics

While sitting on the toilet one day, I had an epiphany: all the statistics that modern feminists, SJWs, progressives, and other leftists use as rhetorical tools against their opponents are utterly unreliable. Now, I do not mean that they are unreliable in the rather obvious sense that they have been refuted by countless other experts, but rather, I mean that, in a very ironic twist, the reliability of the statistics that progressive leftists love to use are actually undermined by their very own ideas and principles!

So, what do I mean by this? Well, consider that today, the progressive left tells us that gender is a social construct; as such, a man can thus allegedly become a woman, and a woman can allegedly become a man, all on the basis of how these men and women feel inside. In fact, the left tells us that there are a great number of different “genders”. For example, there are gender “fluids”, where a woman might decide to be a man one day and a woman the next, all depending on how her confused little heart feels once the sun rises.

So what is clear from all this is that the natural and commonsensical delineation between men and women is something which does not exist for the progressive left given their embrace of multiple gender categories. At the same time, it is evident that the left also endorses the idea that people are able to switch their gender categories on a relatively regular basis—if they desire to do so—all depending on how they subjectively feel rather than on any objective criteria. Furthermore, anyone who fails to take into account a person’s self-identity, and anyone who purposely or knowingly misidentifies the self-selected gender identity of a person is considered a bigot by the left.

Now, the interesting aspect of this whole situation arises when it is realized that in addition to all of the above, the progressive left also loves to use questionable statistics as a means of pushing their agenda. I mean, how often do we hear that women make less than men for the same work. And how often do we here that a “rape culture” exists, with men apparently sexually assaulted countless women on college campuses. Indeed, these kinds of statistics are used all the time by progressive feminists and others to bolster their narrative. And while many of these leftist statistics have been debunked using other, more accurate statistics, my point is that no other data or arguments are needed to undermine these leftist stats. Rather, all that is needed is to parrot the left’s talking points back to them. And when this is done, their appeal to statistics and data implodes.

Consider the following: if gender is fluid and changeable on a whim, and if there are dozens upon dozens of genders, and if society must treat these gender self-selections as real, then any statistics about the inequality in pay between men and women, or the sexual assault rates between men and women, or any other such statistics, are, by definition, unreliable. For if men can become women merely by feeling it, and if women can become men in the same way, then how do we actually know, for example, what the so-called pay-gap is between men and women? After all, at the time that the statistics were taken, did anyone ask the people what gender they self-identified with? Were enough gender options provided? Did anyone conduct a further study to see if the respondent’s self-identity has changed since the initial report was done? And the same questions could be asked about the alleged “rape culture” stats. At the time that the sexual assaults occurred, did anyone ask the aggressors what their gender identity was at the exact time of the alleged attack? Perhaps certain male aggressors identified as “womyn” at the time. Or perhaps they identified as gender fluid. In that case, perhaps we have an alleged lesbian “rape culture” on our hands rather than a supposed male one.

Furthermore, even if we assume, for the sake of argument, that the statistics that were previously gathered were accurate at that time, there is nothing to say that they are accurate now. Gender is fluid after all. People may have changed their gender identity since the last time the statistics were taken. Perhaps now we have a “rape culture” were self-identified “women” are regularly assaulting men. Hell, even if the statistics were re-taken today, by tomorrow, we could, on leftist principles, reasonably doubt their accuracy and reliability, for again, if gender is fluid, then we have no idea whether the statistics are still accurate or not.

So, by their very own lights, leftists and progressives provide us with the means to undermine their own narrative. They tell us gender is fluid, and we say “OK, but that means that all the stats that you use to talk about gender discrimination and alleged misogyny are unreliable and uncertain, for how do you know what gender these people were when the stats were taken and how do you know that the stats are still accurate now.” And if the progressive left then screams that we are being unfair, or “unscientific”, then we can just call them bigots. After all, they are using statistics which almost certainly did not let people choose one of the five dozen or so different genders out there at the time that the stats were taken; and that means that those statistics were created in a bigoted “cis-normative” bubble!

So the SJW progressives are stuck in a bit of a dilemma: either they admit that the statistics that they love to use are ultimately unreliable given their own principles and ideas, or else they renege on those principles and ideas by continuing to use the statistics in question, and thus they become the very cis-normative bigots that they allegedly despise. Essentially, the progressive is between a rock and a hard place. However, for those of us who loath SJW ideas, we should exploit this dilemma at every opportunity. Indeed, when an SJW gives you his favorite stat about sexism, just lay into him as a bigot for using such cis-normative statistics, and then tell him that his statistics are unreliable anyway.

Now, will this strategy change the minds of anyone on the progressive left? Of course not! After all, embracing absurdity and double-standards is an essential part of being an SJW, so absorbing one more absurdity will have no effect on them; at the same time, the progressive embrace of these absurd ideas is mainly about gaining more power over their ideological opponents rather than about truth, and so as long as they are gaining power in some way, the progressives do not care that their position is logically absurd. However, what pointing out these absurdities on the left does is move more normal people away from them. And the less that normal people support them, the fewer allies that they have. And that is the goal of pointing out leftist absurdities for all to see.

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The Left’s Appeal is Easy Virtue

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The Left’s Appeal is Easy Virtue

One of the things which has always struck me about modern progressive leftism is that, as opposed to the relatively harder morality wed to traditionalism, it seems to me that a great deal of the appeal of embracing a leftist progressive political persuasion comes from the incredibly easy and external “virtue” and “morality” that such a vision provides to people. And so, people are drawn towards this point-of-view precisely because it is an easy and relatively cost-free way of achieving a great and vast feeling of moral righteousness and superiority.

After all, consider, for example, that it is asininely easy to “embrace” all types of sexual activities and orientations and deviances (progressive leftism), yet it is astronomically harder—especially in this day and age—to stay chaste until you have a heterosexual marriage and then remain faithful to that marriage for life (traditionalism). It is also easy to vote once every few years for a re-distributive socialist to have the government take money from other people to “help” the poor (progressive leftism), but it is much hard to actually donate 10% of your own monthly wages (or your time) on a regular self-giving basis to help the homeless bastard down the street (traditionalism). And it is no doubt also easy to be for “woman’s reproductive health” (progressive leftism), but it is actually hard to accept the consequences of your bad decisions and spend decades dealing them (traditionalism). Additionally, it is rather easy to embrace “safe spaces” and microaggressions and hate speech codes and so on, given the mental protection that these things offer to your psyche (progressive leftism), but it is rather difficult to be open to truly free speech and free association given that such openness can expose you to uncomfortable ideas and thoughts (traditionalism). It is also rather easy to have an amorphous love for “humanity” in some theoretical sense (progressive leftism), but it is much harder to be the individual who actually engages in the hard personal charity of, say, cleaning and washing a disabled person or an invalid. And it is easy to embrace “body positivity” even though you are fat and unhealthy (progressive leftism), but it is much harder to stay fit and healthy (traditionalism). And finally, consider that it is easy to embrace an ethic of ‘I’m OK, you’re OK, and everything’s OK so long as no one else is harmed’ (progressive leftism), but it is hard to embrace a morality that forces you to, say, personally oppose and strive against the seven deadly sins within your own sould. Consequently, with just these few examples in mind, I think that the point is made.

And so, the long and short of it is this: I truly believe that one reason for the modern appeal of progressive leftism, and one of the main reasons that it is so readily embraced today, is because what it deems to be virtuous is both easy and external, for it requires little pain, patience, or sacrifice. Indeed, under his moral system, the progressive leftist need not change himself—which is actually hard—for the moral philosophy that he embraces actually sanctifies all the consensual activities that he engages in; consequently, the progressive leftist has a system where he feels no guilt for his personal sins and vices, while he simultaneously receives the feeling of being virtuous through the easy and external moral system that he embraces. Indeed, the progressive leftist turns his vices into virtues, and then simply embraces other people’s vices as well, all while couching this lax morality in the sweet-sounding words of a faux “tolerance” and “love for diversity”. So progressive leftist is a moral dream: change your vices into virtues, and then try to have everyone agree that those vices are virtues. It is a trick as old as Adam, and it is why many fallen humans embrace such an easy moral system as the one that progressive leftism presents.

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Embrace Leftist Lunacy, then Amplify It

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Embrace Leftist Lunacy, then Amplify It

Let’s be honest: it is, quite simply, a fact that Western leftists, progressives, and SJWs harbor a particular hatred towards orthodox Christian believers as well as other traditionalists. Furthermore, such leftists consider orthodox believers and members of the hard political right to be their enemy, and they are, in fact, correct in this regard, for traditionalists are indeed a political threat to them and their ideology. It is, therefore, without a doubt the case that such leftists are a threat to traditionalists in the West, and so this threat is one which traditionalists must deal with if they are to survive in any significant way in the Western world. And so, in light of these points, it behooves traditionalists to have powerful rhetorical and political tactics at their disposal with which to fight against the left. And one of these tactics is to take leftist lunacy, and then amplify it a hundred-fold; indeed, it is the strategy of embracing the left’s absurdities and then magnifying them to the point where the absurdity is made plain for all to see. It is, in essence, a reductio ad absurdum in rhetorical format. And note that this is a tactic which is, at least in part, inspired by Rule 4 and 5 of Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals, which argues  that a radical should make the enemy live up to their own rulebook and also that ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

Now, to see what is meant by this tactic of ‘Embrace, then Amplify’, let us consider the newest item that SJWs and progressives are pushing in the West: namely, the idea that everyone must call individuals by the gender pronoun or designation that the person in question feels that they are, not by the pronoun which relates to their biological sex and objective reality. Indeed, this is the newest push on the progressive front, and it is obvious why they are pushing for it: controlling language, and being able to potentially convict people for “hate speech”, gives leftists and progressives immense power and control over the general populace. In fact, for many on the left, this ‘pronoun’ issue is not even about the so-called transgendered people that they are claiming to care about, but rather it is about having one more state-sponsored cudgel available to beat traditionalists with. And so it is clear why this whole topic is a major concern. Thus, the key question becomes:  How can the right embrace and then amplify this particular issue? Well, here are three ways to do so (and note that these three ways can also obviously be used for other subjects as well).

Embrace, maintain, then amplify in frequency  

The first method of embracing leftist absurdity and then amplifying it to the point of ridicule is to maintain whatever idea the left is offering, but then amplify it in frequency. So, for example, some leftists and progressives claim that there are upwards of fifty to a hundred different genders, which, remember, a person can be simply by feeling that he is that gender. Well, why only fifty genders? Why not fifteen hundred? Or five thousand? Surely there are many more genders than we currently think there are, so take the options that we presently have and amplify them exponentially. At the same time, since all that is required to be a certain gender is to feel that way, then why cannot you feel like you are a different gender every day, or even every hour? Indeed, perhaps you need to create a schedule to inform your leftist friends what gender pronoun they should call you on Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Monday evening, and so on and so forth. In fact, maybe you should tell your leftist friends to check-in with you after every conversation just so that they can be sure that they are referring to you with the proper gender pronoun that you feel like you are at that particular moment. Anyway, you get the idea: embrace the leftist lunacy, maintain it in its current form, but then amplify it in frequency, duration, and so on.

Embrace, shift, then amplify the shift

The second method of ‘embrace, then amplify’ is to embrace the absurdity, but then slightly shift the focus of it in a direction that the leftist will not accept. So, for example, if the leftist asks you what gender pronoun you wish him to use for you, recoil in disgust at the fact that the leftist would assume to use a human pronoun for you; after all, that is showing human favoritism, and you actually feel like you are a cat. Or maybe you feel like an alien, and need to be referred to by your alien designation. Or maybe you feel divine, and thus feel the need to be called ‘O Divine One’. Or maybe you feel like you are of a different race, or age, or height, or whatever. In essence, use the leftist’s own ideals against him by forcing him to call you something which even he knows you are not, but which he cannot object to given his own principles. And if the leftist objects to doing so, then immediately start firing out the standard leftist epithets of ‘racist, bigot, hater, etc.’ Either way, the leftist loses, at least in the rhetorical sense.

Embrace, reverse, then amplify the reversal

The final method to consider is one where the leftist’s own principles are used against him directly. So, for example, the next time a leftist demands that you address him through the gender pronoun of his choice, simply tell him that you cannot. When he asks why, advise him that your gender is as a child of God which necessarily only recognizes two genders, and so it would be a betrayal of your gender to call him by his chosen gender. And again, remember to be immediately ready to play the ‘bigot’ and/or ‘intolerant hater’ card against the leftist the minute that he tries to denigrate your chosen gender. So embrace the left’s ideas, but then reverse them on the leftist in a way that the leftist cannot object to without blatant hypocrisy and inconsistency.

And so the long and short of it is this:  embracing and amplifying leftist absurdities are an excellent tactic to counter progressives and SJWs, and three of the ways to embrace and amplify are through increasing the frequency of the embraced absurdity, shifting it slightly to something the leftist finds unacceptable, and/or reversing it on the leftist. Now, will this tactic work on the leftists themselves? Likely not, for their worldview can only survive on incoherence and absurdity, and so they are used to it—although, in fairness, you may convince the odd leftist to change his mind. However, convincing leftists and progressives is not the point. Rather, the point is to rhetorically neuter the leftists while at the same time helping to sway the fence-sitters to be against the leftists, not for them. And for the purposes of achieving that particular objective, embracing then amplifying leftist absurdities is a good tactic to use.

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Microaggressions are about Power and Control

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Microaggressions are about Power & Control

In recent years, the idea of a “microaggression” has eked into the mainstream of society, while at the same time, this idea has flooded many of the college campuses from which it originated. Now a microaggression is, allegedly, defined as a small and even unconscious bias or prejudice that one person—of course, nearly always a white heterosexual Christian and/or Western male—makes against another person in his speech or behavior. So it is, essentially, a word or action that is so innocuous that it would not appear biased or prejudiced to most normal people, and yet it actually is. Now that latter point is a red flag in and of itself, but what is particularly suspicious about microaggressions is that quite often—or so the proponents of microaggessions tell us—neither the individual causing the microaggression nor the individual being microaggressed actually know that they are involved in a microaggressing interaction, and thus only an outside observer (an “expert” in microaggressions, if you will) can see the microaggression in action. Consequently, to the proponents of microaggressions, though neither party directly involved in the alleged interaction felt “aggressed” in any way, a outside third party could still allege that a microaggression occurred and take action against the offending party based on that allegation.

Now, though many decent but ignorant people may think, merely upon hearing the term “microaggression”, that stopping such a thing is a good and noble task, for stopping any type of unnecessary aggression is a good, it must be absolutely clear that the ultimate intent of this idea is not about minimizing aggression, but rather, it is about power. Indeed, the dark truth concerning microaggressions is that they are fundamentally about power and control over individuals who disagreed with the left.  And to understand why this is the case, consider these five factors that are linked to the idea of microaggressions:

  • First, note that to the proponents of microaggressions, such aggressions, though “micro” in nature, are still counted as aggressions, which to such people are the equivalent of actual violence or threats, and thus require policing of some type in order to stop;
  • Second, a person might be committing a “microaggression” and yet have absolutely no idea that he is committing it;
  • Third, the receiver of an alleged microaggression might not even know or realize that he is receiving such an aggression;
  • Fourth, microaggressions often require third parties to “advise” people of their microaggressions;
  • And finally fifth, the term microaggression is itself so vague, amorphous, and flexible that essentially anything could be construed as a microaggression to someone.

Thus, when you have an idea which is composed of the five points above, you suddenly have, in principle, a recipe where the creation of microaggression commissars can be justified—after all, is it not a moral good to curb aggression if that aggression is deemed to be the equivalent of violence and threats. At the same time, you also have a situation where such microaggression commissars can suddenly bear down on almost anything a person says or does that is culturally or socially relevant, for anything even remotely controversial can be construed as a microaggression in some way. And, in fact, we are seeing this very type of action occurring on some college campuses today, with right-wing and conservative speakers being shouted down due to their words and ideas, as well as their mere presence, allegedly being “hate-speech” which could “trigger” someone!

And so, in this way, the proponents of microaggressions could use this idea to control a person’s speech and behavior by simply claiming that the person is committing an unconscious microaggression which that person needs to cease committing. Furthermore, for some people, the fear of microaggressing—for those who let themselves fear such a thing—will eventually cause such people to self-censor not only their own speech but even their very way of thinking, for the moment that they think an allegedly incorrect thought, they will stop themselves both out of an ill-placed guilt for thinking such things and out of caution for what could happen if their incorrect thoughts became public. Thus, for people in circumstances where allegations of microaggressions are common, and for people who might have something to lose if they are accused of a microaggression—such as college professors—we can thus see how such people could slowly but surely concede their power and autonomy to the new political priestly caste of microaggression perceivers. And they will have done so not through their own reason, but through the subtle coercion of social and cultural pressures that make many weaker men bend the knee to the sins of their times.

Finally, not only can we see how microaggressions are a tool for control, but we can also understand how they are a tool for control in a specific direction: namely, a tool for control of the right and traditionalists by the left and by progressives. But how do we know this? Because you are a fool if you think that any socio-cultural critique or insult made against the right or traditionalism or against white Western males would ever be considered a microaggression; and yet, by contrast, any socio-cultural critique or insult made by the right or traditionalists or by white Western males against their opponents would always be considered microaggression worthy. And so it is the double-standard that the champions of microaggressions employ which gives the game away as being one where the left is always a victim of microaggressions, and the right is always the aggressor.

And so, the long and short of it is this:  the core purpose of the idea of microaggressions is as a tool to allow others to exercise power over you, and to do so in a way that literally makes you and your mind begin to shape itself into the very intellectual and political mold that the modern day Social Justice Warrior desires…and there could be no hell worse than that. As such, fight this idea of microaggressions at every turn, and if someone tells you that you have committed a microaggression, then feel free to commit a second one by telling that person to *%^# off!

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Stop Alt-Rightophobia!

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Stop Alt-Rightophobia!

Dear Liberals, Progressives, SJWs, and Leftists of all Stripes,

Today, I want to talk to you about something important; something that is, in a word, problematic. In the last few months, and especially with the victory of Donald Trump, the Western world has seen the rise of a movement sometimes referred to as the ‘Alternative Right’, or ‘Alt-Right’. Now, before you recoil in a micro-aggressive spasm at the sound of this word and then retreat to a safe space to play with some play-doh, I really want you to pause for a moment and reflect upon the systemic and institutional bigotry—of which you are likely a part—that has marginalized this group of people for years. Indeed, the fact is that both the overt and internalized bigotry that has been displayed against this downtrodden minority group has risen to the point where we now have to call this prejudice for what it truly is:  alt-rightophobia.

Now I know that progressives and liberals may not want to hear these hard words, but being a group of individuals who embrace tolerance, champion multiculturalism, and celebrate diversity like no one else, I know that you, my progressive friends, will no doubt extend that boundless tolerance to a group of people as politically marginalized but culturally unique as the alt-right. After all, if you are happy to extend a near boundless tolerance to even radical Muslim terrorists and Islamists—even making excuses for them by seeking for the ‘root causes’ of their disenfranchisement and alienation in Western society or by blaming conservative Christians in their stead—then I have no doubt that you can extend that same courtesy to those on the alt-right, especially since the alt-right has not even caused a fraction of the death and mayhem that Islamists have over the last twenty-odd years.

Furthermore, I just have to say that the left’s current lack of tolerance for the alt-right—the very lack of tolerance which flames the fires of alt-rightophobia and creates a hostile environment which furthers the oppression of the alt-right—has a racist taint to it, especially given that the majority of those on the alt-right are Caucasian. Now, I know, I know. You will say that an ideology or political movement is usually composed of people from numerous different races and ethnicities, and so it is obviously not “racist” to criticize a mere ideology or set of ideas. But that is exactly what we on the right said when we tried to bring up legitimate criticisms of Islam, and yet you called us racists anyway. So, quite frankly, we have seen the progressive light and we now truly understand that criticism of the alt-right is indeed a most egregious form of racism. And don’t try to claim that criticism of the alt-right is not racist because racism requires prejudice combined with institutional power and oppression, for given the way in which the left holds sway in universities, and in a great portion of the mainstream media, and in Hollywood and television, and even in many businesses, it is clear that there is a great deal of institutional power oppressing the marginalized alt-right at every turn. So check your god-damn privilege!

And, in fact, with the recent outbreak of violence and assaults against Trump supporters after his victory, we see this prejudice and racism manifest itself in physical violence against victims who did nothing more than support Donald Trump. This has to stop! After all, as you progressives have always told us, not only should we not, in any way, blame the victims for what occurs to them, but we need to believe these victims as well. Well, we believe the victims of anti-Trump and anti-alt-right violence! We believe them so much that we have to say: “Alt-Right lives matter!”

Still, I can hear you grumbling that you have clear arguments against those on the alt-right and that you have rational reasons to oppose them. And I understand your claim, I really do. But when we on the right made that same claim concerning our arguments and reasons against homosexual marriage, for example, you progressives still called us ‘homophobes’ and ‘bigots’ anyway. So again, we’ve now learned, and so we ask that you stop trying to hide your alt-rightophobia and political bigotry behind spurious appeals to allegedly rational arguments and evidence. Furthermore, as you, my progressive comrades, well know, we all have a human right not to be offended or triggered, and so your claims to speak the truth about the alt-right, whether factual or not, still hurts us and triggers us in ways that you cannot possibly imagine, especially given our historic oppression at the hands of the left. So your so-called truth claims need to just plain stop. Stop them right now! There is no room in modern society for alt-rightophobes!

But no doubt you will say that we on the alt-right have unrepentant racists in our group, and we even have some members who literally believe that they are a superior species of human being in comparison to other humans—they literally believe that they are some type of “super-humans”! Now I grant you that even I thought this claim by some members of the alt-right was ridiculous. After all, while we all have different traits and capacities, we are all still members of the same human species, and objective reality does not bend to our desires. Or so I thought. But then the progressive transgender movement enlightened me! After all, if a man can magically become a woman or a little girl simply because he feels that way and declares himself to be female, then surely there is no principled objection that can be mounted against a person who feels like he is of a superior species based on his mere feeling and his declaration that it is so. And so even here you progressives have opened my eyes to the wonders that come with embracing the ‘belief-equals-reality’ point-of-view, for it has allowed me to embrace the truth that those on the alt-right who feel like they are literally a superior species of human being in comparison to the rest of us really are superior! It’s like a glorious form of magic! And even if this reasoning does not convince you, and even if you still continue to really dislike certain segments of the alt-right, remember that a few bad apples do not spoil the bunch. That is, once again, what leftists say again, and again, and again, about Islam. Besides, in reality, the alt-right is just a ‘Movement of Peace’, with only a few extremists in our midst who hijack and distort our ideas.

Finally, I just want to mention that as we move forward in our quest for social justice for the very alt-rightists that have been shunned in universities and everywhere else that the left maintains a grip on power, we need to watch our language. For example, the term ‘far right’ needs to stop being used not only because this term is just a social construct meant to oppress and marginalize those on the alt-right, but also because the word ‘far’ implies that we, as a group, are distant and disconnected from society and from other people; but such an idea is radically harmful to our sense of self-worth and our personal positivity—not to mention being horribly offensive—and so use of this psychologically-damaging term needs to cease immediately. Remember: freedom of speech does not mean the freedom to spread hate!

Look, the fact is that alt-rightophobia is the civil rights issue of our time. You might scoff at this ‘phobia’ and claim that it is utter nonsense, but it is every bit as legitimate as all the other ‘phobias’ that the left has thrown at the right for years. And you might shake your head in disgust at the blatant irrationalities that have been offered in this letter to you, but note that in our fight for equality for the alt-right, we have only emulated you progressives and liberals as best as we could. Now of course you could disregard all the reasoning and points that we have put forward here, the very same reasoning and points that you progressives have used for years, but we would never be so crass as to believe that progressives and liberals are just a bunch of inconsistent hypocrites who have only been using these tactics as a means to gain more and more political power against the right through the twisting of language, the use of emotive persuasion, and through social shaming. Indeed, we would never believe that the left, both culturally and politically, might attack the right in the West while still happily and thus hypocritically dealing with other non-Western nations and groups that are exponentially worse than any right-wing group in the West is. No, we would never believe any of that. And so, knowing the intellectual consistency that rests in the very bones of every progressive leftist, we eagerly await your alliance in this great social struggle of our time; the social struggle to eradicate alt-rightophobia. It is, after all, 2016.


A Hard-Rightist

P.S. – Obviously, this is a parody. The fact is that the alt-right, and the Hard-Right, do not care what you think of us, what you call us, or what you label us as. But the fact that this entire letter is composed of modern leftist talking points, and yet is simultaneously absurd, should make any sane liberal wake-up and wonder what the hell happened to the political left over the last few years.